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Follow our activities in the sunny fields of Romania.



Sunfield Farming is a danish company doing agricultural farming in Romania. On this site you can follow our activities through pictures and videos from our everydaylife.


Sunfield Farming consists so far of 1200 hectares spread in the area around Cluj in Romania. We started out buying land in 2007, and in september 2010 we began cultivating the areaes. Sunfield Farming has no buildings to maintain.


2010/2011 is our first harvest season in Romania, and the crops we have chosen to start with are rapeseed and wheat. During Autumn 2010 we sowed 150 hectars of wheat and another 100 hectars with rapeseed. The target for spring 2011 is to establish 100 hectars of kernel corn and 150 hectars of sunflower. Besides, we want to try out smaller areas with fodder radish and lucerne.


On the longer term we hope to reach 4000 hectars by 2015, and in that way build a healthy company based on only agricultural activites.




Sunfield Farming is located in a rather dry area around Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The yearly rainfall is approximately 550 mm, while the average temperature during daytime is 14C


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With 34,5 % clay, the average soil type number for the area is 8. In other words, the circumstances are favorable for healthy crops.